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Italian Language Lessons Web Site

Posted on 1 April, 2016 at 4:05 Comments comments (4)

Have you ever wished you could speak Italian?  I teach French and I know how useful it is to be able to speak the language when you visit that country!  You save time and effort and can enjoy the culture more.

Carmela is Italian and lives near me in Shustoke, North Warks and she teaches with a passion that is true to her heritage!  If you would like to learn Italian for pleasure, for business or even enjoy an Italian Cookery lesson - Carmela can help you.

You are welcomed warmly into her home and her teaching methods and skills are evident from the start!  Take a look at her new web site and blog!

Looking forward to my Italian Cookery lesson soon Carmela!


What is Coaching and How Can It Help You?

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What is Coaching?


Coaching is when you receive guidance, support and encouragement to help you to reach your goals


Did you know that 20% of all small businesses in the UK and over 90% of large organisations use coaching as a tool for developing, supporting and encouraging their staff?


Coaching is a valuable tool to help you progress with your Personal Development and many businesses use this time to help with Continuing Professional Development plans and training.


What topics does it cover?


I can work with your on a 1:1 basis to help you to improve your skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. This will include helping you with any skills that you would need to improve such as communication, time management, managing staff, motivating staff and much more. My background in delivering Management Training, as well as over 20 years working in industry is the basis of my skills and as a qualified teacher I can help you to learn these transferable skills.  Call me for a free initial consultation.

I can work with you face to face or on webex meetings.  07985 724842


Work Smarter with my Time Management and Productivity Workshop

Posted on 21 September, 2015 at 10:50

Course Content - Time Management and Productivity Workshop

Your time log – Assessing your current use of time (pre-course task)

Management by Results - how this helps you to manage your time

Identifying your main Time Wasters and how to deal with them

Using the Salary Clock

Ensuring a healthy Lifestyle

Your work Life balance

Top Tips for improving your time management skills

How to be more productive and work smarter


Marketeer's Guide to Heightening Your Profile

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Don’t Just Read The News – Make It!

How to Heighten Your Profile

Large organisations have a high profile and are known locally and nationwide for what they do. They have an image that is carefully presented to their public. This is usually managed through the press (adverts/press releases) etc and forms part of their Marketing Plan. Many businesses do not have the budget or the requirement to be continually in the forefront of the news but they do understand the need to have a high profile. If people know where you are, what you do and how to contact you, when they need your services you are already halfway there! So, even if you are not quite sure how to actually go about heightening your profile, read on...

Large organisations spend millions on their PR but small businesses can also have a public profile, image and personality without it costing the earth! One of the first things I help my clients to do is to segment their market. I taught Marketing, Business Management and Business Studies for many years and the one theory that I use every day in my work as a marketing consultant is ‘Segmentation’. By identifying the markets you wish to serve, you can tailor your image, sales literature, web presence and public persona to attract your desired clients. This is part of heightening your profile. Is your web site up to date? Is your sales literature accurate, attractive and relevant? Does it appeal to your target market? It is important to have all the above in place if you wish to be better known for what you do.

Heightening your profile – is it worth it?

Before you decide to actively heighten your profile, ask yourself the question: How will I benefit if I spend time, effort and money improving my profile and letting everyone know about it?

If you think you will receive more enquiries, receive more invitations to functions and events, get more followers on LinkedIn and Twitter, then you may decide that it is worth the effort!

Where do you start?

The first step is to work with your existing clients - do they know of your entire product or service range? Do they have all of your up to date literature? Do they know who to deal with in your organisation? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential if you wish to maximise your opportunities with existing clients and customers. This can be as simple as a regular newsletter or visit, an email shot or phone call, to a more targeted sales campaign involving events and product launches etc. If you are not sure what to put in your newsletter – consider achievements, unusual orders, share a funny story or topical news, offer tips and advice, answer frequently asked questions etc and let them know of forthcoming events, offers, and plans. Don’t forget images – take photos and videos and use them to your advantage and ensure this is backed up in your Social Media Campaign!

Onwards and Upwards!

Next step: new markets? Once you have a plan in place to contact existing customers, it is time to consider new markets. If you have segmented your market you may have identified new client bases that you do not currently serve, or you may have identified a new product or service that you wish to promote. Now it is time to develop a strategy that follows a logical sequence. How will you promote yourself? Where? When? Your social media campaign will need to be linked to this. You should be aware of news, events and changes that affect your campaign and be able to act quickly to include and adapt existing materials. There are many ways in which you can heighten your profile to new and prospective customers.

A press release is free but there are no guarantees that it will see print so you need to employ an expert or learn to build relations yourself with the press in your industry and area and to write interesting editorial. If your story is newsworthy – persevere! If you can’t think of a good relevant story – call me I have many areas that can be explored! Don’t forget that media enquiries can come from Twitter too!

Other suggestions to heighten your profile include organising events. I annually hold a free marketing seminar so that people who do not know me can come along and learn some top tips for marketing their business – if they require some help then I am on hand and they already have gained an impression of me and my abilities. Why not consider offering your services as a guest speaker if you are an industry specialist? I recently gave a talk to members of a local rotary club and this led to several enquiries and I have just secured a very worthwhile order!

Why not give something back and sponsor a charity? These suggestions require thought, planning and effort but they usually pay off, but they are not quick fixes. The process of heightening your profile will take time and may not get immediate results – it is an investment in the future growth and stability of your business.

I have more suggestions and ideas, and I would be happy to discuss your marketing plans with you. 

email or why not pick up the phone? 07985 724842.



Training Workshops and Masterclasses

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If you are looking for someone to help to improve your skills or the skills of your staff - someone who has a background in management training and who is a qualified teacher then you have reached the correct place! 

I offer a variety of workshops which are aimed at both Owners/Managers and I can also tailor these to be held in house for staff:


• Time Management

• Effective Communication Skills

• Improving Self Confidence

• Motivating your workforce

• Stress Management and Assertiveness

• Performance Management/Appraisals

• Recruitment and Selection Techniques

• Leadership Skills and Delegation Skills

• Customer Care

• Managing Conflict

• Team Building

• Business Planning

• Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

• Quality Management

• Embracing Change

• Problem Solving and Decision making

• Business Planning

• Building a clear Vision and Strategy

• Resources Management

• Managing Meetings



Web Sites - April Offer only 260!

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Order your new web site in April and receive a 5 page site, 3 emails, and a free blog for just £260 - call me for details and to book your appointment! Take a look at some of the sites I have designed on my web site page

Read some of my recommendations!

What the Budget Means to Small Businesses

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I am pleased to forward an interesting and helpful article from Enterprise Nation, the home of Growth Voucher Advisors.

As an approved Advisor in the Enterprise Nation Online Market Place for 'Marketing and Customer Service' and 'Leadership and Management' Growth Vouchers, my skills can be accessed and part-funded through for Growth Vouchers. The programme runs until the end of March 2015 and vouchers that are issued by this date are valid for 3 months. Please read the article below – more details regarding Growth Support are available at the end. To access details:

Here is an article from the Enterprise Nation Blog:

What the Budget means for your business 

Free Agent’s Chief Accountant, Emily Coltman FCA, takes a look at the Budget and what it entails.

Self Assessment

The Chancellor, George Osborne, promised in today’s Budget that the annual tax return is set to be abolished, with information being uploaded automatically, tax collection “radically simplified”, and online portals to manage tax.

What isn’t clear yet, either from his speech, or from the full Budget report, or from the government white paper “Making Tax Easier”, is just how this will happen.

Tax returns do include information that HMRC already has, such as salaries for directors of limited companies, but they also include a great deal of information that’s not visible to HMRC until the tax return is filed, such as sole traders’ income and expenditure, rental income from let properties, and sales that give rise to capital gains tax. How will this information be collected? Will sole traders be compelled to report their income and expenditure to HMRC in a system similar to RTI? Will all institutions have to share their customers’ financial information with HMRC?

This is all still “to be announced” or “to be consulted upon”, though the “Making Tax Easier” white paper mentions the possibility that by 2020, small businesses will be able to link their accounting software to government systems to share financial information. It also says that “taxpayers will still be responsible for ensuring their tax bills are right and telling HMRC about information that is not reported by other means”.

Payment of income tax and NIC

Additionally, the government plans to implement “a new payment process to enable tax and NICs to be collected through digital accounts, instead of Self Assessment”. This could spell the end of twice-yearly payments and the attendant payments on account, which cause cash flow difficulties for many small business owners. The “Making Tax Easier” white paper mentions a “pay-as-you-go” option for tax, though again the detailed mechanics of this are not yet explained.

Abolition of the tax return would be a massive change for both small business owners and their accountants, but whether that change is positive or otherwise, I reserve my judgement until I have seen how this will work in practice. RTI payroll reporting has been far from trouble-free, so I have my doubts as to how well a similar system would work for collecting other data.

Class 2 National Insurance to be abolished

Class 2 National Insurance, the flat-rate National Insurance which entitles the self-employed and partners to certain State benefits, is also to be abolished in the next Parliament. The contributory element will be replaced by a reform to Class 4 National Insurance. The mechanics of this reform haven’t yet been decided; there’s going to be another consultation on that.

This simplification is welcome, as having two kinds of National Insurance to pay is confusing for partners and the self-employed.

The Annual Investment Allowance

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), an allowance that gives 100% tax relief on the cost of many items of new equipment that a business might buy, is due to fall to £25,000 from 2016. Although the Chancellor did not promise to keep AIA at its current level of £500,000, he did say that a drop to £25,000 was “not acceptable” and that the revised level, to be announced in the Autumn Statement, would be “much more generous”.

Restriction of travel and subsistence relief

The government has been investigating the possibility of restricting the availability of tax relief on “home-to-work” journeys for individuals operating through agencies. The Chancellor mentioned this in passing in his speech, promising to “protect the genuinely self-employed”, and the full report did not detail the proposed changes, which are due to take place in April 2016. Instead, the report said further consultation was needed, but mentioned that the measure would affect both umbrella companies and personal service companies. So this is another case of “watch this space”.

So, as we might expect from a Budget that pre-dates a General Election by less than two months, there are a great many promises here of simplification and radical change in the future, and very little in the way of definite and immediate changes for small business owners. Watch this space!

Thanks to Emily Coltman and the Enterprise Nation Web Site for this valuable information


50% MATCH FUNDING For Strategic Advice

to help you to grow your business

The Growth Voucher programme helps companies and new start ups find and pay for professional strategic advice. After applying online some businesses will be randomly allocated a voucher for up £2000 to cover half the cost of the advice. The business chooses the accredited adviser from the Online Marketplace. That advice can make a huge difference to sales and profits, skills and confidence.

As an approved Advisor in the Online Market Place for 'Marketing and Customer Service' and 'Leadership and Management' Growth Vouchers you can access my skills part-funded if you are successful in your request for Growth Vouchers. The programme runs until the end of March 2015 and vouchers that are issued by this date are valid for 3 months.

Here are the links to my Growth Vouchers pages and to my web site:

Growth Vouchers Advisor Page for Marketing and Customer Service

Growth Vouchers Advisor Page for Leadership and Management

Marie the Marketeer Web site

Further information about Growth Vouchers and Terms and Conditions

Information and Guidelines for 1:1 Coaching

Here are some guidelines and information to help you work effectively with your advisor and get the most from your time


1. If you are successful in your bid for growth Vouchers you will receive half the cost of the advice once this has been paid for in full.

2. Before you apply you need to have an idea of what you wish to achieve using the vouchers and the areas you wish to target for advice. I am approved for Marketing and Customer Service and Leadership and Management. If you wish to work with me your action plan must include one of these areas. I strongly suggest a telephone consultation prior to your application to determine your exact needs so give me a call on 07985 724842!

3. In order to receive the 50% you need to provide proof that you have paid and complete the necessary paperwork which includes claim form and de minimis declaration.

4. Advice sessions usually last between 2 and 3 hours and the next appointment is booked at the end of each session. The process is expected to be completed in between 2 and 3 months. In between sessions you may have some follow up actions to attend to before the next meeting in order to take your business forward and make the most of your sessions. If you require me to read documents, reports etc the time will be added to the hours spent

5. Meetings. Coaching can take place at a mutually convenient location, at your premises, and also (after the initial session) the option of using the internet and a VOIP* (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system such as Webex Meetings or Skype will be available. (There is no obligation or cost involved in this type of meeting!) If you are interested we can conduct a free trial of the system for 5 minutes to help you decide if it is for you.

6. As your coach I do not receive any travelling time or expenses and am only paid for the advice sessions time.

7. When your time has been completed I will be able to offer you ongoing support in the form of further sessions at my regular rate and including, marketing consultancy and training at an agreed hourly rate or on a monthly retainer basis.


• Be prepared! Come to the meeting with your aims in mind to help you to focus.

• Bring any relevant documents with you

• Make notes – especially your action points and any useful information you are given

• Cancellations - always prepare for your meeting and if you are unable to make this please be kind enough to notify your coach at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not do this you will be charged 1 hour in lieu of the meeting.

Got a question? Call me 07985 724842!

If you are in the Rural North Warks Area.....

As a Registered Warwickshire RGN Coach, providing expert, tailored advice to help start-up and SME businesses achieve sustainable growth, I am available to businesses in the North Warks area for free 1:1 coaching and can offer places on a selection of workshops too. To qualify you must be in rural north Warks. For an eligibility check please call me with your post code and I can tell you straight away! 07985 724842.





Growth Vouchers

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50% match funding for Strategic Advice - available until the end of March!  Valid for three months.

As an approved advisor in the online market place for Leadership and Management and Marketing, you can access my skills part funded for up to £2,000.

To view details please visit my Business Coaching Page !

New Workshop Dates Announced

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New Wokshop Dates Announced - Free Workshops are available to businesses and new start ups in Rural North Warks


Atherstone (Red Lion Hotel, Long Street)

• Wednesday 10 December – Vision & Strategy

• Monday 15 December – Social Media

• Tuesday 10th February - Website & Digital Marketing – Introduction

• Thursday 19th March – Social Media

• Thursday 15th January – Business Finance, the Essentials

• Thursday 22nd January – Finding & Winning Customers

• Tuesday 24th March – Vision & Strategy

Our workshops start at 9:30am and finish at 1pm. Please note that there are limited places on each workshop, so please do book early.

Call 07985 724842 or email: to book your place


Funding and Grants Available in North Warks

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Funding and Grants for businesses in North Warwickshire are available now!  here is a summary - please contact me for more details on 07985 724842

Micro Enterprise Grant (MEG)

The Rural Growth Network (RGN) Micro Enterprise Grant (MEG) offers grants between £5,000 and £25,000. The deadline is 31st October.   If you are interested please check the guidance information on the web site for eligibility and for more details.

Funding for rural Warwickshire businesses with new ideas

Funding is available to small or medium sized enterprises based in rural Warwickshire who are working with another similar enterprise on the development of a new product, process or service. The scheme offers two types of grants of between £3000 - £5000. This contribution must be 60% matched by the company in time and expenditure.  Revenue grants are available to assist with product development cost such as parts and materials, consultancy fees and prototyping.   Details are found on

Capital grants are available for expenditure on equipment, machinery or tooling.  A company will only be eligible for one grant.  All the projects will be evaluated independently.  Your project must demonstrate innovation, result in a new product, process or service and provide tangible benefits for the local economy.

Contact: Judy Lambourne        Contact number: 07557 425500    Email: