Business Coach and Marketing Consultant 

Driving You and 

Your Business Forward 

Taking You and Your Business Forward

Through coaching and marketing, your business can grow and prosper, maximising profitability and becoming a strong brand.  

Everyone wants to make a success of their business and ensure it will continue to be profitable.  

Through effective planning and by making the most of training and coaching 
 in line with your objectives you can improve your competitive edge, reach new markets, boost sales, reduce costs, increase output,  maximise your profits and build a solid customer base.

Sometimes it's lonely being a business owner - many of my business coaching clients say that working with me helps them to move forward as they use me as a sounding board and I help them to make sense of their ideas and plans and put it into perspective.

Often you may have challenges and issues that you have not had before and sometimes the skills to deal with these issues are not readily available!  If you need some support, guidance and encouragement and you want to learn the skills that will help you and your business to be more effective, more profitable and to grow, through business coaching and life coaching, I can help you.  

With my combined skills as a business coach and as a marketing consultant, I can help you to explore and analyse your options then prepare a plan for the future to meet your goals, turning your vision into a reality.

Call me for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your issues and goals and see how I can help 07985 724842

Marie Stephenson Business Coach and Marketing Consultant

Turning your vision into reality

Marie Stephenson Business Coach and Marketing Consultant

Create your Campaign!

Marie Stephenson Business Coach and Marketing Consultant
It's not about having a web site......

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My Story

My Background

Having worked in Sales and Marketing in the UK, France and the USA for 20 years before retraining to become a teacher,  I realised that training was my passion.

I now use this experience to advise, guide and encourage my clients to make the most of their business and their budget.

I can offer personal coaching too.

How I can help you

Let me help you to set your business on the road to prosperity - my reputation is such that I can help you whatever your industry and whatever your size and I offer a competitive hourly rate! 

If you have a vision of what you would like to achieve, share that with me and let me help make it into a reality. 

Pick up the phone & call 07985 7248452 

Marie Stephenson

I enjoy coaching, am a natural 'communicator' and have a flair for presenting your image back to you and your clients accurately and attractively - marketing!

I used to say 'Don't just read the news - make it' and one of my clients identified my strap line for me: Practical help at realistic prices - If you have a small budget and big ideas I can help you to put these into practise.  

I can advise, coach and design and brand, and I offer a free initial consultation!  New Start Ups are my speciality as I love to be in from the beginning and help them to grow and prosper!